Target Ten-X Flights

Target Ten-X Flights

Introducing the Target TEN-X, the next generation of the standard flight family. Officially the smallest standard flight on the market, the Ten-X offers the stability of standard flights but with the ability to travel through the air quicker.

Garry Plummer, Managing Director of Target Darts said, ‘We wanted to produce a flight shape that had the stability of the best-selling standard flights, however with reduced drag and added speed. The jump from something like Kite or Vapor to Standard is more like a leap, and we noticed that there was a gap in the market for something in-between.’

Target Ten-X Flights

At 15% smaller than a Standard No.6 and 25% smaller than a Standard No.2, the Ten-X features reduced drag, less deflection and are perfect for those who prefer a faster-flying dart through the air.

Darts expert, commentator and former professional player Wayne Mardle explained, ‘I’m a fan of the Ten-X flights; they are the only flight shape I’ve ever used that never seem to block the target.  It goes through the air quicker than a No6, but is more stable than a Kite. They make the dart travel so true as well.’

Launched in a stunning Ten-X design to provide name/shape recognition, this first-to-market flight shape will be rolled out in other Target flight designs moving forward.

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