Endorsed by the 5 Time World Champion, Barney’s faultlessly designed 80% dart consists of a perfectly balanced 52mm barrel cut to optimize synergy between player and barrel, complimented with orange Pro Grip shaft and Vision Ultra flight.
Endorsed by the 5 Time World Champion, RVB’s 90% dart, consists of a straight barrel cut with radial grooves and axial milling at the front end combined with precision tri-stepped grooves at the rear, for an incomparable twist to a classic shape. Features Pro Grip shaft and Vision Ultra flight.
Target are pleased to be Introducing the 5 Time World Champion, Raymond Van Barneveld’s 95% tungsten playing dart. Made to his exact specification, RVB’s playing dart has been developed with Target’s team of designers to produce excellent results for his unique throw.  Cut with a combination of trapezoidal milling at the front end and contrasting radial grooves at the back. Black titanium coated, and fitted with Target Firepoints.
Target’s brand new 32mm grooved silver steel point is precision machined along it’s whole length and features 0.06mm chamfers at the front with 0.15mm ridges at the back for unique grip. Fitted exclusively to RVB95 darts
Onyx Pro Point 32mm, featuring hexagonal laser etching to provide added grip to both the throwers finger and to secure the dart once it hits the Dartboard.
The Quartz 32mm point features a geometric design inspired by the architectural shapes that make up the stunning quartz crystal. The Quartz point is then coated in Titanium and laser etched for superior board grip.

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