333470 Ten-X-Blue-FLAT
333520 Ten-X-black-FLAT
333490 Ten-X-orange-FLAT
333480 Ten-X-LIME-green-FLAT
333460 Ten-X-Aqua-FLAT
333470 Ten-X-Blue-FLAT333520 Ten-X-black-FLAT333490 Ten-X-orange-FLAT333480 Ten-X-LIME-green-FLAT333460 Ten-X-Aqua-FLAT

Target TEN-X Flights

We are pleased to be introducing the Target TEN-X, the next generation of the standard flight family. Officially the smallest standard flight on the market, the Ten-X offers the stability of standard flights but with the ability to travel through the air quicker. At 15% smaller than a Standard No.6 and 25% smaller than a Standard No.2, the Ten-X features reduced drag, less deflection and are perfect for those who prefer a faster-flying dart through the air.

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