• Target Swiss Point FAQ

    Target Swiss Point FAQ

    What is Swiss Point? Swiss Point is a patented interchangeable point system which allows you to switch your point length, style and colour in seconds with the pocket-sized Swiss Point tool being all you need to remove and install your points. For more info check out our Swiss Blog. How does it work? The patented locking
  • Nexus -Revolutionary Online Network

    Nexus -Revolutionary Online Network

    WELCOME TO THE NEXUS NETWORK Target’s revolutionary online network – ground breaking innovation in soft-tip play. Featuring a built in interactive touch-screen for an easy-to-use experience with consistent play for you and your opponents. No need to prop up your camera or score board app, Nexus does it all for you in one place. See
  • Barney Army Needs You

    Barney Army Needs You

    We are pleased to have launched our new campaign ‘Barney Army’ to commemorate Raymond Van Barneveld’s last year on the pro darts circuit. Behind every great sportsperson are their fans, and this year-long campaign calls for all fans and followers of the 5 x World Champion to join the Barney Army community. Behind every great
  • Rob Cross Limited Edition

    Rob Cross Limited Edition

    A MOMENT IN HISTORY It was the 02.01.17 and few in the darting universe knew the name Rob Cross. Cross was working as an Electrician; he played in his local pub darts league, and on this day was sat down on his sofa, watching the World Darts Championship final with his family at home. Exactly one
  • RVB 80 Black

    RVB 80 Black

    Endorsed by the 5 Time World Champion, we are pleased to introduce Barney’s faultlessly designed RVB 80% Black. This 80% Tungsten barrel features detailed, radial grooves, overlaid with Black Titanium Nitride Coating which delivers enhanced grip and barrel protection. The barrel is highlighted with vivid RVB orange coloured ring sections, ensuring your dart will stand