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Rob Cross Limited Edition

by Jennifer Evans 18 Apr 2018
Rob Cross Limited Edition


It was the 02.01.17 and few in the darting universe knew the name Rob Cross. Cross was working as an Electrician; he played in his local pub darts league, and on this day was sat down on his sofa, watching the World Darts Championship final with his family at home.

Exactly one year later, after producing the greatest debut year PDC darts has ever seen, Rob managed to beat the sport’s most successful player in the final of the 2018 World Darts Championship.

‘It feels like I’ve been launched into Everest, it’s a bit unrealistic to be at number 3 because when I started everyone said it was hard to climb rankings or hard to move up. I suppose my own ability carried me through as well as my belief in myself.’ – Rob Cross


To celebrate this victory, Rob ‘Voltage’ Cross and Target have collaborated to create this special edition, World Champion dart. Limited to only 3,000 sets worldwide, this dart is an encapsulation of Rob’s remarkable debut season and winning the 2018 World Championship in his first attempt.

‘If you have an ability whether its darts or anything else then I would say go out and have a go. Everyone has a dream to do something! Mine was to play darts and to be world number 1 and world champion; well one of them has come true. If someone believes in themselves that much then why not have a go. Last year was a fairy tale for me and I’m sure I’m not the only person, there is probably someone else out there definitely who could do the same thing.’ – Rob Cross


Machined from an ultra-dense 90% Tungsten billet, these limited edition darts feature Radial Grooves along the length and the back. The barrel is then coated in a Black Titanium Nitride Coating which provides long-lasting barrel protection and enhanced grip.

‘If I were to sum it all up, I would say it was the most amazing thing I’ve ever done and with the most adrenalin I’ve ever had pumped in my veins, it changed me, it’s just special.’ – Rob Cross


Each barrel has been laser etched with Rob’s signature, and your darts unique identity number, to confirm its authenticity. Fitted with an Arctic version of the Storm Surge Points used by the World Champion – which have been uniquely designed to provide the ultimate grip to both the throwers finger and to secure the dart once it hits the board. Coated in Titanium Nitride, applied using the PVD process to provide a harder and more durable finish. Finished with Black Pro Grip, and Voltage Vision Ultra NO6 flights.

‘I originally threw with a storm point and the Storm Surge point is based on that point but with different cuts. For me, I just feel it a bit more, I have two fingers on the point anyway and it slots in nicely and helps me release. It’s a lot smoother, I’m scoring more and I’m hitting doubles well with them.’ – Rob Cross

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