Snake bite flight
1 Peter Wright Snakebite VYPER 20,22,24g – RIGHT
Vyper 20,22,24g – Image 2
Vyper 20,22,24g – Image 1
PW_Snakebite_Vyper_PACKSnake bite flight1 Peter Wright Snakebite VYPER 20,22,24g - RIGHTVyper 20,22,24g - Image 2Vyper 20,22,24g - Image 1

Snakebite Vyper – Peter Wright

Peter Wrights Snakebite Vyper is a 90% Tungsten premium quality dart which features snakebite hardcore flight and nitrotech shafts.



Product Description

These menacing and unmistakable Snakebite designed darts are 100% tour bred and powered by a bank of V10 mill-cut reverse groove banks, that Peter wanted for extra feel and control. With exceptional handling and fierce grip these special edition superdarts are in keeping with all Snakebites darts success. Fundamentally set up with Red Dragons class leading Nitro Tech shafts and exclusive Snakebite Hardcore flights making them immediately ready for action. With the devil in the detail, under the skin Vyper are made from our world class 90% tungsten alloy, and feature the highest grip level 5 throughout the length of the barrel. With a striking parallel profile interspersed with the V10 reverse mill cut, the finish in hot purple makes them a simply breath taking dart in every area.

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20g, 22g, 24g


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