Prism Force Shafts
7020_prism force silver
7020_prism force green
7020_prism force red
7020_prism force blue
7020_prism force white
7020_prism force black
Prism Force ShaftsPrismForce1PrismForce27020_prism force silverPrism_Force_Orange7020_prism force green7020_prism force red7020_prism force blue7020_prism force white7020_prism force black

Prism Force Shafts

The Prism Force’s pioneering design uses advanced polymers evolved to achieve the ultimate style, strength and durability. Unique grip zone for unrivalled control, this stunning translucent range offers unsurpassed performance. This range includes our new light-weight Inox Steel Pro-Lock Shaft Rings to hold and secure any flights.

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